A absolutely automated machine

There is a absolutely automated machine, a servo driven screw press equipped with an auto hand with un-loader and a heating furnace in set. Due to this fact, a 5hp three-phase electrical motor was chosen was to drive the screw press. Rod of diameter 80 mm and size 900 mm, which was machine on their lathe at a decreasing screw pitch and lowering screw depth.

Background technology has processing refractory brick or is used for the screw press machine of forging, punching press use, is to lean on motor to be with movable slider to move up and down in body by flat wheel of vertical wheel friction, and the article on the assist decrease platform is hit.As a result of vertical wheel peace wheel rubs for a very long time, accent loss is large, fault fee is excessive, and the facility consumption of motor long time continuous working is excessive, and Synthetic Management operates, and attack precision is also poor.

The strike pace is 2 instances faster than that of extraordinary electrical press. The highest oil extraction ratio (OER) of 17.90% and oil extraction efficiency (OEE) of 79.fifty six% had been obtained on the sterilization time of 60 min, digestion time of 10 min and screw speed of 10 rpm.

The press has all goal in use, simple in construction, assembly operation and auxiliary gear and its worth is lower, so it can be broadly used in urgent shop, forging shop and die forging store for equipment manufacturing, and many others. The pace of impact on a screw press is quicker than that of a crank sort mechanical press and slower than the blow of a forging hammer.

AC servo numerical management electric fly press of the current invention, the vitality of flywheel cannot scatter and disappear in each forging process, before forging, can guarantee the steady of required power and skill.Management flywheel vitality is realized the high accuracy forging, and for each forging, the shaping energy of flywheel all very precisely.

Is a prepare, automobile, tractor, marine, aviation, hardware instruments, medical equipment, utensils and different industries perfect forging tools. In equipment industry, it might end blanking, bending, correction, precision pressing and punching in forging course of.

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