French cooking is the world’s most sought after style of cooking and is considered very sophisticated and stylish. French culinary history is as rich as its political and economical history. People from all over the world visit France to taste or learn the art of French cooking.

French cooking has extremes ranging from haute cuisine to provincial cuisine; subtle flavors to bold flavors; complicated recipes to simple ones. French food is good-looking; even simple meals are presented beautifully, so that they are appealing to all the senses of sight, smell, touch, and taste. “Made in cantal” aims to throw some light on the vast topic of French Culinary art, its history and peculiarities.

The website covers the following subjects about French cooking:

French Culinary History

French cuisine has evolved tremendously along with its vast and rich culture. A unique national cuisine was formed sometime in the middle ages. Since then many master chefs have come and have contributed to the revolution. This website contains information on the progression of French cooking from cuisine classique to haute cuisine.

French Culinary Schools and Cooking Courses

To become a good cook, you must have the right education, apart from the passion for cooking. There are many official schools and institutions that teach authentic French cooking so that you can learn the art from the right masters. The website gives some important links and information about these institutions.

French Cuisine Particularities

France has given many new tastes to the world and that is the reason why French cooking is held in such high esteem all over the world. To become a master in authentic French cooking, you must understand all the tools required, the basic must-have ingredients, the authentic tastes of different dishes, et al. This website contains some important points to keep in mind.

Useful resources

Here’s how you can start. Know more about France and French cooking through useful links on recipe sites, French history and culture, French gastronomy, French tourism, and more.