Double Disk Friction Screw Press Machine In Uganda

We are engaged in manufacturing a range of Screw Presses, which can be used to dewater and wash secondary in addition to virgin fiber. The sort of press, with high output vitality, fast stroke, lengthy die life, multi-laptop control, is ready to predetermine major working parameters and indicate trouble, is broadly utilized in precision forging, die forging, extruding, calibrating, fantastic correcting and so on.

The interruptions allowed for the materials to stop shifting forward between interruptions along the shaft and likewise allows for an satisfactory buildup of the fabric earlier than it’s pushed by means of the screw press to container that catches the material.

The utility model electric screw press is compared with the friction press of prior art: owing to changed present friction driving approach, consumable accessory reduces, failure charge is low, and maintenance price reduces; Undertake switched reluctance machines, the motor service intermittent, power saving 50% significantly is used within the means of processing refractory brick, shuts down when material loading, brick output, cleaning mould, and the electrical motor beginning electric present is little, and beginning torque is giant, can’t produce electrical community and influence; Adopt PLC procedure auto-control fashioned product, attack precision is excessive, and is per batch brickwork skill parameter, guaranteed the constant of the majority density of brick and measurement, improved the qualification fee of product, additionally saved personnel’s spending; Safety is nice, and a number of brake has guaranteed that slide block can brake at an arbitrary place.

three.¬†Emergency cease button: during working, it is able to press the emergency stop button at any time to make the slider again to TDC(top dead center) quickly. But you’ll have to act quick as this high electrical screw press is ready to become one of the crucial sought-after best-sellers very quickly.

The Q PRESS¬ģ is a screw press with a conical screw shaft and cylindrical sieves consisting of three remedy zones: inlet and drive zone, three half thickening and dewatering zone, and press zone with pneumatic counter strain cone. Nature of linear contact on the friction potion requires flexible and warmth durability as lining material.

high speed press machine 

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