Mouth Watering Cheese Steak Recipe

cheese steak recipe

cheese steak recipMakingdeliciousfoods is an interesting experience for most of gastronomes. In this article, I will share the cheese steak recipe to help you make a delicacy.


Do you have admired those people who can do all kinds of delicious foods like me? I always feel miraculous When I see they can make the foods enjoyable and easily in the reality shows. I also have watched them to do the cheese steak, and was attracted very much. So, today I will introduce the cheese steak recipe to you.

Just like some reality show shows us, it is a kind of life attitude to making food. With the development of the science and technology, our life standard is growing better and better. However, without the pressure of the food and clothing problems, our heart is getting more and more difficult to satisfied. We feel empty in our brain, finding the meaning of the life is not easy. And, we also don’t know what to do. So, it is important to find something interesting to do during our spare time. And I think, to study cooking is a good choice. It is not only can fill our free time but also exercise our ability of practicing. Imagining in a spare family time in an afternoon, you are resting with your husband, then you make a delicious food. Isn’t it a happy thing? It is not only satisfied with your passion, and you may share more delight with your lover. Now, the cheese steak recipe time!


The cheese steak recipe should conclude the following ingredients: Ribeye steak in thin slices (The base ingredient (as stated in the title of this recipe) is steak, so get some nice rib eye. You will need very thin slices, so ask the person behind the counter if they are willing to slice it for you. Freezing it first will make the slicing a lot easier.); 1 large onion , 1 diced canned chili , Chipotle peppers, Salt & pepper, bread , Pepper Jack cheese (shredded) .


Here is the instruction of the cheese steak recipe.

Firstly, before you begin to make the cheese steak, you should cut The steak into strips first, and preferably to pat off the blood with the back of the knife. And, Put the steak in a bowl and put it in the refrigerator. cheese steak recipe

Then, you can use your regular skillet or a Mojoe Griddle. And heat it up, then spread some oil.

Secondly, cooking the sliced onion. When that starts to brown up, add the chilli and 2-3 diced chipotle peppers. Cook until the onions are a nice light brown color, then move them off to the side.

Thirdly, it’s time to cook the meat! Take the steak out, and it is going to cook really fast, so be careful not to let it cook too long. Add some salt and pepper while it is cooking.

cheese steak recipe

Then, when the meat is a nice brown color, bring the onions back onto the skillet, and mix with the meat. Also add the Pepper Jack cheese on top. Cover with a lid to help the steam melt the cheese.

cheese steak recipe

Finally, Warm up the bread, then put everything together: mingling the steak in the middle of the bread. and enjoy your cheeses teak sandwich!

Some tips for skillet

In the process of the cheese steak recipe, we should use the skillet. But there is some dangerous tips should we note.

Do not burn empty pans for long periods of time to avoid deformation and damage to parts. The handle of the frying pan and the soup pot is designed with spot welding. But it’s not completely insulated from the heat transfer. Especially if the fire just shatters the handle. If the handle is too hot, it is recommended that you use a non-hot gloves to avoid sunburn. To avoid over ironing the pot is to wash and steam scald. Please clean the pots and pans at room temperature. Stainless steel is more likely to be washed after heat. Because of the impurity of gas, after long-term use, the appearance of stainless steel is easy to be huff and yellow by the gas impurities. Don’t add salt to the PAN when it is heated to prevent corrosion of the stainless steel surface. After long-term use, the pot bottom sometimes appears white spot, which for food and salt for cleaning of the residue such as pot food burnt, just pour a little water and heat, with a cleaning agent and a cleaning pad. If you are seriously worried, please let the water soak for 4-8 hours before cleaning.


After reading the cheese steak recipe, do you feel confident to make it? A high quality life style is that we live a meaningful and substantial life.

Maybe, we may lose in the material life and forget to enjoy ourselves. We work day by day. And even, we feel anxiously. Even we can’t worried about our food and clothing, but the price of the houses, cars and any other material things may given us some pressure. We gradually become the slave of the life. Sometimes, we should let us return to the beginning. And stop to enjoy our life.

In that way, let us cooking a tasty cheese steak to let us calm down. And have a good think of the value of the life. Actually, only if you are willing to do, you will find the interests of cooking. Maybe this cheese steak recipe is easier, but the connotation included in is much meaningful. Hope you live a good and meaningful life forever!


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