5 Camping Recipes So Good

Today I want to introduce you five delicious campfire cooking that easy made and satisfying. You can miss anything except my recommendations. Come and take a sight now!

I love campfire party, the stars shining in the totally natural darkness when you and your friends are gathered around the campfire with romantic sounds of guitar. Nothing can be better than a well planned campfire. And the best part of it is that you can make yourselves cooking by using opening fire. You can not only receive the delicious food but also the satisfaction of the process of cooking. I collect many recipes for campfire including dishes and desert, and I think it is a pity not to share them. I will give you five of my favorite campfire cookingrecipes so that you can enjoy with your friends.


  1. Smoked Bacon and Smoked Eggs

The smoked bacon and eggs is a classical one for campfire cookingwhich is very popular in Texas. The may tool you need is a medal mould. Simply talk, just break the egg and add it to a bowl shaped mould where a piece of toasted bacon placed in. Then cook them together until the egg wraps the bacon. Then put it between two sandwich bread and serve it. That’s really a delicious campfire cooking!

  1. Campfire Parmesan Popcorn

This recipe is even more easy and convenient than the last one and shows the simplicity obviously. What you need is a campfire popcorn pot all you need to do just preheat the pot to a proper temperature and warp the corn with aluminum foils. Waiting for few minutes patiently and the popcorn snacks will be served for your kids. But normal popcorn is not attractive enough, so for seasoning you can add some parmesan cheese and salt and sugar in the popcorn. Believe me that the aroma that full of air will make everyone’s mouth full of saliva.

  1. Beef Stew Packets

Imagine that there is a campfire hide in deep forest and a bunch of exhausted travelers sit surround a Dutch oven which is boil and bubbling constantly. What a traditional campfire style! In my mind the stew style is the best cooking way for campfire. For this one you need some pounds of beef and carrots and cubed potato, and other sauce or seasonings. All you need to do is that to mix them together in appropriate time and wait patiently until the beef is totally tender. Then enjoy it!

  1. Lemon Dill Grilled Fish Fillets

Toasted fish is also a good choice for campfire cooking especially when you make your camp aside the river bank. If you can get a fish, I strongly suggest you make this cooking with fresh fish meat. First of a deal with the fish, cut off its scale and gill (don’t hurt your finger!). And then open its belly and throw the guts. Prepare some diced lemon and other seasonings like salt or pepper. Warp the chopped fish and squeeze some juice on the surface and add the seasonings as desired. Finally toasted it for few minutes prevent the fish is over cooked.

  1. Campfire Toasted Burritos

This is probably my favorite campfire meal. I usually made the taco meat at home in advance and freeze them. This way it acts as its own ice, and it’s perfect for Day 2 of camping because it needs the extra time to thaw. These burritos assemble quite easily, and they are perfectly melted and just slightly crisp after cooking. Commonly we need a bowl of cooked white rice and some cheese as additions. All in all just mix those ingredients together and set them in the Burritos and warp it with foils. Toasted for 3 minutes over smoldering coals and it will be well done.