Yash Filter Press

The third part of the center feed pipe assembly is a gasket which ensures the assembly is watertight. Next, is the clip nut seat which fastens the assembly to the head plate. This part of the assembly will always stay in place unless you are replacing the assembly or one of its parts. The final part, the cloth clip nut, will be removed often as it is screwed into the cloth clip nut seat after the head cloth is put on the head plate. The cloth clip nut needs to be tightened in order to keep the cloth in place.

We find our strengths in the well-developed infrastructural facilities and the team of adroit professionals. We also manufacture Multi Stage oil skimmers which are of immense help to our customers in a variety of situations. We have expansive after-sale network and specified users’ opinion processing programs. Our staff collect customers’ comments, suggestions, complaints and handle all the problems in time until the user is satisfied.

filter press sludge

The plate shifter moves the plates and allows rapid discharge of filter cakes accumulated in between the plates. Jingjin is the constitutor of standard of Đài Loan Trung Quốc filter press industry. Jingjin has close technical exchanges and cooperation with world top filter press suppliers, and we provide filter plate and cloth and other accessories for them. Jingjin participate in the international industry well-known technology exchange meeting every year. Customer’s feedback and trust provide us infinite innovation and development.

We consistently upgrade all technology and products through R&D. We carry extensive research and development for any particular filtration. Haijiang group is equipped with laboratory and trial filter presses of various sizes and configurations. For any critical application, we follow deep research before providing vital solutions, which helps us get a better position at global market place.

The automatic pump control system automatically and gradually increases the feed pressure in four stages during the filling cycle. These stages are adjustable to suit your slurry and solids concentration. By monitoring the feed pump flow sensor, during the final pressure stage, the operator will be able to determine the cycle completion. If you produce varying size batches of wastewater and subsequently less sludge, or if the overall volume of waste that is generated at your facility has been reduced, you can still utilize your existing filter press. With the purchase of a backer plate, you can alter the holding capacity of your press to meet your individual batch needs.

We aim to be your optimum source for high quality cost-effective precision “Turnkey Manufacturing” services. Working from “idea to installation” by providing up-front complementary technical assistance, supply of all materials, tooling, fabrication, machining, assembly, inspection, and testing… M.W. Watermark is committed to providing industry leading equipment, service, and direction.

Our replacement parts meet or exceed the quality and material of OEM components and are manufactured and warranted by Compositech. Once the filter cake is fully pressed and filtrate trickles out, the cake can be washed to remove any impurities and the cake can be further dried. Thus solid-liquid separation of a slurry is achieved leaving a filter cake in the cavity are directed through specially devised nozzles fitted in the fixed end. Equipwell provide spares for all other press maker products, preventive maintenance and operator training to make sure the filter press system that is not performing optimally, costing you valuable time and money. We only provide the best quality of filter press machine as well as multi disk screw press and decanter centrifuge machine.

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