Cold Pouch Lamination are the best option when laminating heat-sensitive documents, which would include faxes, photos, and documents printed with an ink jet printer. Cold lamination can be safer and provide better UV protection than hot lamination. Cold laminating pouches use an adhesive that is activated with pressure, are easy and safe to use because they do not get hot and may not use electricity. Hot Pouch Laminators are the most popular type of laminator used to encapsulate a document within a pouch which has 2 connected sides in which the item to be laminated is positioned. The pouch is coated with a heat-activated film, which melts when passed through the heated rollers and is then bonded under pressure, removing all of the bubbles and creating a tight seal. If you’ve never bought a laminator before then you may not be aware that there are many different ways laminating.

We have a great selection for use in schools, offices, and commercial settings. GBC Ultima 65 A1 Heavy Duty Roll LaminatorIdeal for schools, busy offices, print shops and other high volume lamination. Works with standard film or EzLoad™ Film Loading Technology. This cold laminating machine is made of thick iron metal, silicon that is not easy to deform, high-quality and high-precision lamination, and the sturdy base can provide higher stability.

Students apply a wide range of strategies to comprehend, interpret, evaluate, and appreciate texts. With the advent of on-demand printing, the ability of any corporation, organization or individual to produce custom graphics and documents of all kinds has been transformed forever. This Hot Melt Roll Coater can be set up with Unwind & Rewind Stands, depending on your specific website process. The Unwind Stand unrolls the product with tension in the Hot Melt Roller and then the Rewind rolls it back up with the edge alignment processing. The system can also be set up with an outfeed nip station for Rotary Pneumatic Press for Lamination purposes.

Wholesale QLFM-1100C fully automatic vertical lamination machine with Hot knife cutting device

With a decurl roller for digital printed sheets decurling . Hitech RL 13AC is a table top 13 roll lamination with Auto cutter. These feature enables you to run large no of sheets in automatic cut mode with minimum labour.

Dual-purpose machines that may be run with either heat-activated or pressure-sensitive materials. “Cold” machines, which use pressure-sensitive films which are applied only by pressure and without heat. 27″ wide lamination, encapsulation and mounting, can accomodate boards up to 1/4″ thick, also handles psa adhesive films with handy rewind feature. Laminates up to 12″ wide, easily encapsulates and mounts digital print output using thermal films up to 10 mil thick.

We are going to look at the D&K 42+ Laminator, the D&K 55+ Laminator and the D&K 62+ Laminator. Not only do we offer high quality labels and packaging, we offer valuable solutions. Technology is forever changing, and so are our suppliers and Roll Laminating Machine who always keep their standards high and has fostered innovation in everything they do. From their strategies and end products to how that are preserving and protecting the environment.

If you apply laminating film to just one side then this is laminating and on two sides without sealing this is double sided laminating. Most machines can now offer all three options in one compact package. Heated roll laminators are the most common type of industrial roll laminating machines.

We can also coat or laminate materials that the client provides. Allowing a contractor to handle these development phase tasks can cut costs drastically. Slot punch for laminating film manual punching unit to create name tags…

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