A discussion on the use of creative teaching methods in teaching mechanics

Creative teaching method is no longer a single teaching mode, but a new teaching mode aiming at the common progress and growth of teachers and students; it is a teaching mode facing all students and focusing on the improvement of students’ overall level; it is not only a superficial formal innovation, but an overall innovation in teaching content and teaching form.

In the process of mechanical teaching, the content involved is complex and extensive, and the purpose of teaching is not only to make students learn theoretical knowledge, but more importantly, to have strong hands-on practical ability, so it is necessary to realize the innovation of mechanical teaching.

  The use of creative teaching method in mechanical teaching

  (A) innovation of teaching concept.

Creative pedagogy focuses on the cultivation of hands-on practical skills for students, not just the cultivation of mechanical teaching knowledge and technology. Creative teaching method is mainly the teacher’s innovative application of teaching mode, teaching content and teaching methods.

For this reason, first of all, we must have innovative teaching concepts, teachers should abandon and reform the inherent, old traditional concepts, creative teaching will play out the proper educational value, improve the effect of mechanical teaching, and cultivate a new generation of creative talents.

  (2) Innovation of teaching mode.

Creative teaching is not only reflected in the innovation of the teaching concept, but more importantly, innovative teaching mode, the reform of mechanical teaching mode can effectively enhance the learning effect of students.

Creative teaching method holds the concept of independent innovation, through continuous reform and innovation, to achieve a modern and innovative teaching mode. This creative teaching method refers to the use of a variety of teaching methods, so that students have a visual cognition of learning, thus stimulating students’ interest and initiative in learning.

This method is very effective in developing students’ creative thinking ability. In the mechanical teaching process, teachers master the teaching content on the basis of combining multimedia, classroom questions, knowledge competitions and other methods to maximize the enthusiasm and interest of students, so that learning is no longer boring, students independently put into the mechanical course of study, so that students’ mechanical courses by accepting the innovative teaching method after its The learning effect is improved, and the creative teaching method provides a high quality green channel for mechanical teaching.

  Problems of creative teaching method in mechanics teaching

  (1) Insufficient application of creative teaching method in the classroom.

At present, although some schools attach great importance to creative teaching method and give some support to its smooth development, unlike the teaching of other courses, it is not enough to have a thorough understanding of basic theoretical knowledge, but more importantly, to have hands-on ability and to combine theory and practice, and it is because of the complexity of the nature of this kind of courses that the teaching ability of teachers is required to be relatively high. It is also because of the complexity of this course that teachers are required to have high teaching ability and to be flexible in using creative teaching methods in the teaching process.

However, in the actual teaching process, because teachers do not understand the concept of mechanical creative teaching thoroughly, can not effectively combine with the actual teaching, and the lack of training students’ innovative consciousness, and eventually caused students to lose interest in mechanical courses, and even produce the serious consequences of boredom.

  (2) teaching methods are relatively backward.

At present, there are still some institutions do not achieve the requirements of mechanical teaching innovation, the reason will be found mainly because the relevant departments do not pay great attention to this, and there is a serious lack of investment in the phenomenon of funds. The modernization of today’s society is developing very rapidly, and the competition of science and technology and talent has become the main force of competition in the world today. In such a background, China has also put forward the basic development strategy policy of developing the country through science and education, and only by accelerating the innovation of science and technology and improving the level of science and technology can contribute to the long-term development of China.

However, in the actual teaching process, the teaching method of creative teaching is still relatively backward, and the institutions do not give sufficient preparation for teaching equipment, such as multimedia and necessary mechanical equipment, which makes some teaching contents cannot be reflected normally and makes the teaching quality also be affected to a certain extent.

  Strategies to enhance the application of creative teaching methods in mechanical teaching

  (A) strengthen the application of innovative teaching methods.

In the actual process of teaching mechanics, teachers should constantly improve their own abilities, the creative teaching methods should be used flexibly.

First, the teaching mode can be expanded and developed by using example teaching and situational teaching. The classroom can not be limited to the textbook, the teacher can be applied to the teaching of mechanical molds, so that students more intuitive understanding of the overall appearance, performance, detail design, operation and installation skills of mechanical components in life, etc., can be in the future of the actual work, can have a fuller understanding and mastery of the machinery.

Secondly, the design of the teaching classroom should be diversified and vivid, and multimedia teaching can be used to present the teaching content more intuitively through the combination of images, which increases the students’ interest in learning on the one hand, and can effectively improve the teaching quality of the classroom on the other hand.

  (B) strengthen the construction of social practice.

As mechanical students, only when the knowledge they learn is really applied to practice can they finally realize their own value, so the ultimate goal of teaching is to enhance the students’ ability to apply practical innovation.

Therefore, the school should pay attention to the construction of students’ social practice, establish long-term contact with some famous machinery-related enterprises and institutions around or in the city, and transport students to relevant practical positions in the setting of some practical courses to really apply their knowledge.

If the school has the ability to establish “school-enterprise cooperation” mode with enterprises, on the one hand, it can guarantee the employment rate of graduates; on the other hand, it can also provide a large number of talents for enterprises. Through this mode, effectively enhance the comprehensive competitiveness and core ability of mechanical students, and ensure the benign development of the whole school and enterprise.


Modern society is increasingly competitive, in order to cultivate more talents, all institutions should pay high attention to creative teaching, from teacher ability, teaching mode, teaching philosophy and teaching methods to innovation, to maximize the interest of students in learning and improve the quality of classroom teaching.


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